Rosewood Hotel


“When designing the concept, we become heavily involved with the culture,and all decisions have to come from the heart.”

The building reflects the traditional Thai greeting, in the ‘Wai’ gesture.Dig in further, we see the interior as one grand mansion, which shows Thai culture in various way.The design process is like writing a novel about a prestigious family and their love of Thai.They collect each part of the culture they adore and place it preciously around the building.Now, it is ready to welcome every one, to share the power of Thai culture within itself,to create emotional experience together.

“To me, it’s important to first understand what kind of a storyyou want to tell and how you want the guests to feel,” says Celia.Each space within Rosewood Bangkok is full of meaning,which we believe it can create strong connections with the guest.

reflects the traditional Thai gesture
emotional experience
a novel about a prestigious family