Celia Chu established her company, Celia Chu Design, out of a desire to build an interior design practice that offered practical solutions that integrated elegance and style. Her goal is to bring a unique creative vision to life in the realm of hospitality design. The studio has since established itself as one of the leading design firms in Taiwan that serves an international roster of clients in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, with a wealth of experience in the fields of luxury and boutique hotels and restaurants. The firm’s main competitive edge lies in its combination of inspired creativity and comprehensive design strategies, and each project is undertaken with its own unique approach and appropriate narratives that reflect the sensibility and the spirit of our aesthetic.


At Celia Chu Design, we strive to provide services that span architectural design, interior design, product design and landscape design. Furthermore, we always pay special attention to infusing each project with unique local elements and culture. We take pride in achieving a balance of trendsetting yet timeless design, producing interiors that are both modern and enduring.