White Rose Wedding Chapel

Passionate romance reaches its culmination, a celebration of holy matrimony thattakes place inside a chapel. An odyssey of love is akin to the journey takenwhen a budding seed unfurls into a full bloom.The ingeniousness of the design is in its approach, as a means toelicit emotional responses from the guests attending the ceremony.

Upon arrival, the guests are met with green archways that are reminiscent ofan enchanting garden, and once through the oversized doors, a soaring chapel appears withrows of sinuous white lacquer arches that lead the focus onto the main feature wall:an altar composed of a wall of blooming white roses. The soft natural light filters through the windowsto cast an ethereal shimmer that marks the perfect setting for an elegant wedding.

Function Room

The design of the function room was conceived as an exercise in literary association – inspired by the story ofthe Little Prince, the interior is styled in soft modernism rooted in classic French elegance.Cast glass red rose petals and velvet red drapery provide the main visual impact of the room,while the framed infinity rose mirrors in the corridor offer a peek of what to expect on the inside.

a celebration of roses
styled in soft modernism
classic French elegance