“Artistic Splendor: The Elegant Space of a High-End Service Apartment"

Located amidst natural scenery, this 265-square-meter high-end serviced apartment is an interior design masterpiece created by a refined homeowner and a design director passionate about beauty. This exquisite interior space fully reflects the homeowner's love for artistic aesthetics, seamlessly integrated into both interior and architectural elements. From the intricately inlaid walls and luxurious gold-leaf glass fireplace in the living room to the seemingly casual yet thought-provoking art installations, the entire space exudes an atmosphere of aesthetic living.

The owner's deep appreciation for tea becomes a key element within the space, like brushstrokes on a canvas, permeating throughout. Each tea ceremony creates a unique ambiance, adding a touch of artistic flair to the surroundings.

Another homeowner, an avid fine wine collector, has curated a sophisticated hidden wine cellar. This elegant space features a handcrafted art bar table and a striking blue-patterned veneer, forming an artistic wine tasting home bar. Adorning the bar is an art piece of red lollipops, symbolizing the melting desire for art and infusing the area with a whimsical yet profound artistic touch.